Timelapse Photography 

Starlight pool

My Orion constellation star lit swimming pool is located in Masai Mara, at Mara Bushtops camp. The project was in collaboration with world famous architect and interior designer Andrin Schweizer. We wanted to celebrate the the month Mara Bushtops opened its doors to guests in January, 2007. The constellation most visible at this time of the year is the Orion constellation. So I merged the shape of the pool with the cluster of stars making up and surrounding the Orion constellation. I traced each star onto the too scale drawing of the swimming pool and used a grid system to plot each star on the pool floor. Each star is made up of fiber optic cabling. Only one light source is used for the entire display. Light shines on the tip of the fiber optic cable and travels all the way through to the end. it total, I installed over 6 kilometers (3.73 miles) of cabling and the whole project took north of fours weeks to complete. Below are some behind the scene images taken in the construction process.